Just ripped apart an old scanner and printer to get the steppermotors. Unfortunatly both seems to be bipolar steppers, hence i would need a H-bridge to drive them. I only have few darlington arrays around.

It would have been fun get a quick hack up and running today.


I have created a acount and started to mikroblog. is like twitter, but just better. Its open source and the system with groups and tags doesn’t seem to exist to the same degree in twitter.

I added a widget to show the latest updates from to the blog ( Tools)

Linkdump III

Just a couple of links I found. Some I need to remember some are just for fun.

This is why you are fat

Wonderful collection of heart-attack-inducing-gluttony

There seems to be a lot of route planners for bicycle routes. So far I have found that this is superior. Easy to work with interface  and a topological chart feature which gives you an easy way to see where the hills is going to be.

Toys from trash

Scientific toys are always cool, they are even cooler when they are made from recycled materials.

Hack Your brain

Fun ways to trick your brain.

The internet is like a penis

via Greg Laden