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Linkdump III

Just a couple of links I found. Some I need to remember some are just for fun.

This is why you are fat

Wonderful collection of heart-attack-inducing-gluttony

There seems to be a lot of route planners for bicycle routes. So far I have found that this is superior. Easy to work with interface  and a topological chart feature which gives you an easy way to see where the hills is going to be.

Toys from trash

Scientific toys are always cool, they are even cooler when they are made from recycled materials.

Hack Your brain

Fun ways to trick your brain.

The internet is like a penis

via Greg Laden


TED is a yearly conference, where people exchange ideas. Hmm that sounds so boring, and yet its not. People at the forefront in different research areas tell about their research and projects.  Well you and I will probably never attend, but the great part is that the talks are online.

They are all about 20 minutes, so its just a quick introduction to the subject.

Vilayanur Ramachandran on your mind 

 A BBC lecture series with Ramachandran peeked my interest in brains, and this talk is a nice summary of some of the more peculiar innerworkings of our brains. Which indeed is more weird than we imagine.

Barry Schwartz on the paradox of choice

 Why more choices doesn’t make us happy. A fun and fascinating talk.

 Dan Dennett on dangerous memes

Dan Dennet is a philosopher and here he talks about religion from a evolutionary perspective. If you are an atheist, this is great stuff as it really gives a good explanation about religion. He also has a great talk about “our consciousness

Dan Gilbert asks, Why are we happy?

 Some interesting facts about happiness and the way it works vs the way we perceive it.

Well this was just a small selection, mostly from the brain/psychology areas. But there are many others in technology, innovation, art, politics etc. From people like Malcom Gladwell, Al Gore, Jeff Han, Richard Dawkins, Nicholas Negroponte, Jane Goodall and a lot of other known and unknown smart people.

But take a look for your self at TED talks

Wonderful collection of toys amazes me

I stumbled upon a toyshop that is quite fascinating, Grand illusions

Thay have a nice collection of different, and perhaps a little geeky toys. But the best part is there are several articles and videos documenting the toys, not only for the stuff they have in there shop but also from Tim’s huge collection of toys. I don’t know who Tim is, but he does a very nice and distinctly British job of presenting those nifty gadgets, and i am left thinking that it would be a great joy to be his grandchild.

And as can bee seen be the heading I have read Jacob Nielsen: “Passive Voice Is Redeemed For Web Headings”