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LED’s not sky – light

Netto had 5m LED-light strips, Helle got the god idea, now we have this nifty light:

Eggbot first print

A penholder was made, its basis is the insides from a CD-ROM drive the pen is molded into place using Shapelock.

An Egg was mounted and some quick test pattern were made in Inkscape.

We step back and observe the magic.

Unfortunately i dropped the first real image, the first test run were spirals and a hardboiled egg.

There are still issues to work out, but all in all we are quite satisfied with the first test.


Just ripped apart an old scanner and printer to get the steppermotors. Unfortunatly both seems to be bipolar steppers, hence i would need a H-bridge to drive them. I only have few darlington arrays around.

It would have been fun get a quick hack up and running today.