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Wonderful collection of toys amazes me

I stumbled upon a toyshop that is quite fascinating, Grand illusions

Thay have a nice collection of different, and perhaps a little geeky toys. But the best part is there are several articles and videos documenting the toys, not only for the stuff they have in there shop but also from Tim’s huge collection of toys. I don’t know who Tim is, but he does a very nice and distinctly British job of presenting those nifty gadgets, and i am left thinking that it would be a great joy to be his grandchild.

And as can bee seen be the heading I have read Jacob Nielsen: “Passive Voice Is Redeemed For Web Headings”

We are Here

‘Pale blue dot’ on YouTubeFound this on youtube. Its great. It certainly puts things in perspective. Eventhough its the “harsh reality” its uplifting and beautiful. It spoken words from Carl Sagan, there seems to be several different versions with different images. I found this one to be particular good.

As a sidenote posting youtube clips on wordpress is a PITA, it seems that the editor is a bit to active.

Cool Keyboard

A good keyboard layout is essential for typing, and if you don’t have an ideal setup to suit your needs – heres a clever hack