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Lucy in the cloud with tags

Tags, you’ve gotta love them.

Finally I have started tagging my blog and photos. which gives me the ability to offer better searches and display nice tagclouds.

For the blog I have used the plugin Simple Tags which offers a huge range of features.

I found that the things I like most is

1. Auto tagging

The blog already had a lot of articles, well more than I wanted to go through and tag one by one. So Simple Tags‘s auto tagging, was crucial. It will look at the contents of an article and select tags that seems to fit, from your current list of tags. It seems like it has done a good job, I didn’t find any tags that seemed out of order.

2. Suggest tags

Simple tags has a feature where it will suggest tags from yahoo and tag the net based on the content of the article. This is a huge help to get som useful tags. And having a nice collection of tags fits nicely with the auto tagging feature.

3. Meta keywords

Most people find their way  to this blog using a search engine, so why not give them a helping hand? simple tags will generate meta keywords from the tags.

The tagcloud that simple tags generates is more pleasing to the eye than the standard WordPress tagcloud. It varies the color as well as the size. Furthermore it is possible to customize it.

I have toyed a bit with the ability to only display tags from a specific category. This can be seen on the category pages ( ie weird ), where I display the tags for a category.I really would have liked to somehow use that to further specify what to look at. For example I want everything from the category “weird” tagged with “fun”. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to figure out to go about that. I really don’t want to get my hands dirty fiddling with to much WordPress php, but it seems that it somehow has to be the only way to go?

Another of Simple Tags features can be seen below, the related posts is generated based on the tags. Just as auto tagging, it seems to work quite nicely.