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Strange Attractor Wars

Strange Attractors are quite pretty.

I made have generated quite some random attractors.

Now I need to find the most beautiful ones, and I need your help!

I have created a voting system, where 3 attractors line up and you select the best one. The votes are then accumulated and and overall top 10 is generated.

Strange Attractor wars

It is heavily inspired by

I have been hacking away on this far to long. But expect an article with more details on Strange attractors and probably more features in the “war” application. (like top 100, biggest looser, most victorious etc).

Now just go and make some votes :)

Java life simulator

Having played a bit with cellular automata’s – and looking at various other rulesets. I started to wonder what the result would be if every cell had i different ruleset, or just different types of cells interacting.

And what if there were mutations and sexes involved ?

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