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Arduino ps2 mouse

arduino mouse and anoying encoder
I have been tinkering a bit with the arduino the last couple of days. Mostly small experiments with some of the junk had around, after some frustrations with a circuit for a rotary encoder, i “gave up” and tried hooking up a ps2 mouse. There are a nice tutorial at the arduino playground. It seemed complicated to interface with a mouse this way. But it proved to be so much easier than trying to build a circuit. The software coding is so much easier than the electrical circuits.

It was a matter of connecting 4 wires and uploading the code to get it running. But then i found out that there wasn’t support for the mouse-wheel, so i googled the datasheet for the IC, and started hacking. I ended up getting the mousewheel to function and getting output for the buttons. Along the way I refactored some of code, in order to better understand what was happening.

I still haven’t figured out what I should use the mouse for, but it was a fun hack.

Here is the sourcecode, if you want to try something with it : ps2mouse for arduino

I tried to make nice comments so it should be very straightforward to work with. As mentioned a haven’t made most of the code, just some additions and refactoring.

The mouse and the annoying encoder i couldn’t build a circuit for. It can be attached to a motor where there are a slotted wheel.

(21 nov updated code)


Finally the summer-holiday arrived, now its time to do some fun coding.

I bought myself a new mobile, a Nokia 6300, it’s got all the bells and whistles. Hmm well at least those I could afford. I choose this mobile because it has : Java, mp3 -player, bluetooth and memorycard.

I must admit that i might be a bit of a nerd, so I just had to code something for it. And after “hello world” I found a small and some would say useless application to code.


I must say I got inspired by vibelet and the article in wired ( Hold the Phone, It’s a Sex Toy ). As the title suggest, its well vibrating. I think that vibelet – though i haven’t seen their program, must be making quite an profit. Because getting a java-enabled phone to vibrate constantly, is quite easy.

So now its Time for FreeVibes, a free software version.

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