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Java life simulator

Having played a bit with cellular automata’s – and looking at various other rulesets. I started to wonder what the result would be if every cell had i different ruleset, or just different types of cells interacting.

And what if there were mutations and sexes involved ?

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Cellular Automata II

As mentioned before I’ve made a one dimensional Cellular Automata(CA). And although it was intriguing they quickly became very predictive. Actually it was in two dimensions. As the a y-coordinate represented time, but since the states were only depending an the adjacent neighbor’s to the right or left its considered to be one-dimensional.

But they are not as fascinating as CA’s where you expand the neighborhood to include all the eight adjacent cells. That’s called the Moore Neighborhood.

Representing the time dimension. As the intersting part is the evolution of the system, representing time is essential. With a two-dimensional CA it has to be done using animations, and who doesn’t like blinking pixels. This makes CA’s makes even more fun. Continue reading ‘Cellular Automata II’ »

Cellular automata

rule 54
rule 30

Are quite fun and very intriguing.

What and how.

Generally you represent cells on a grid, and you “evolve” them using simple rules, based on how many neighbors they have.

In the simple version I so far have toyed around with. A cell is either dead or alive.

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