New server

The time has come and I’m moving to a new server.

Its a virtual private server, which mean root access via ssh, and a lot more managing. At the moment I’m fiddling with testing and moving data. Though very soon I will be moving, which probably will give some weirdness here, until everything is settled.

I am looking forward to be able to do all the fun stuff on the new server, ie jsp. In the meantime its just annoying to configure DNS, take backup’s, fixing stuff.

Lessons learned so far :

Its kool to be able to ssh in to the new server and just move everything with ftp and not download and upload.

iconv is a nifty unix command for converting: iconv -f ISO-8859-1 -t UTF-8 file > newFile

DNS is a nightmare at least for me so far.

Its easy to move wordpress: Export everything, install a new wordpress and import the file. (which incidental also means upgrading).

pmwiki is also easy to move.

I have a mediawiki, that I don’t use any more and i couldn’t find an easy way to convert it to static html, so i think ill just have to live without it. Which is a bit annoying since I wikisquatted at it to show of some povray stuff and that will be lost.

I have a lot of old junk files from various experiments.

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  1. admin says:

    Well dns isn’t all that bad, when you get at hang of it. And learn to accept the fact that it does take time before the effects are seen.

    I use pmswiki and its also just textfiles, and thats easier to work with.

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