Annoying db-server

I knew my host didn’t have the best databases, but once I had installed WordPress. Which uses a mysql for every page, i found out just how bad it was. Often I was not even able to get a page to load. So I contacted support.

The answer : since you don’t have a business solution, you will experience lag at peak-hours. Apparently there are more peak than non-peak hours in a day…

The solution : upgrade to business ( which is triple the price ) or

  • backup and delete all databases
  • wait until their controlpanel restart
  • create a new database, which now will be on the database-server with least load
  • restore backup

I did it, and it seems to work better. But I think its bad service and i immediately went looking for other hosting. I have prepaid so I’ll probably stay the year out – but if you know of a good an reliable host (and reasonably priced host ) please let me know.

the annoying host is surftown

The transistion went faily well, meaning i got to restore my blog – before their main controlpanel went down for maintenance?!

After restoring Tinymce wouldn’t show popups ( tinymce – is the visual editor for WordPress). It shouldn’t be related. But anyways i had to add a line to a tiny_mce_popup.js stating the domain. Something about FireFox blocking javascript, i found this fix
edit: which wasn’t a solution after all, something is “bugging” me…

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  1. markus says:

    Try Dreamhost. Although they’re not the fastest in the field (ping times from Denmark to the States vary a bit), they are honest, cheap and sort-of reliable for the price. Just keep your DNS elsewhere, like , and you’re good to go. If you’d like to test the speed of a WordPress blog there, try . I host several other sites as well.

    And they’ve got ssh access! 😀

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